Expert Video - Why is screening for lung cancer important for Black Americans?

Thoracic surgeon Dr. Fatima Wilder discusses why early detection and screening for lung cancer is so important for Black Americans and discusses the impact of lung cancer on Black American communities. In the United States, lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer for Black men and the second leading cause among Black women. More Black American men die from lung cancer each year than men from any other group. More Black women die of lung cancer than Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Latina women. Black Americans are more likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer at a young age, and at a later stage, when lung cancer can be hard to treat successfully. Dr. Wilder explains that if lung cancer can be found early, even when there are no symptoms, it's more likely to be cured with treatment. The risk of lung cancer being higher in Black Americans can be decreased through screening and early detection.

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