Animation - Understanding Biomarker Testing in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

This animation provides an overview of comprehensive biomarker testing for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and its critical importance for every lung cancer diagnosis. Biomarker testing shows specific mutations that drive NSCLC to grow and spread. It can also show changes in the level of a protein called PD-L1. Biomarker testing helps doctors learn about your unique type of lung cancer and how best to treat it. Watch to learn about common gene mutations EGFR, ALK, KRAS, ROS1, BRAF V600E, and others. Experts recommend that anyone diagnosed with NSCLC should have biomarker testing. If you did not receive it, talk to your doctor about biomarker testing now. This is particularly important for African Americans and other minorities who tend to have higher lung cancer rates, longer wait for care, and lower survival rates. Be sure to ask your doctor about comprehensive biomarker testing.

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