Animation - Lung Cancer Clinical Trials and Native Americans

This animation provides an overview of the importance of lung cancer clinical trials in the Native American community. Lung cancer is a leading cause of death from cancer among Native Americans, including those who identify as American Indian, Alaska Native, Pacific Islander, and Indigenous communities. Researchers are working hard on new ways to screen for, diagnose, and treat lung cancer for everyone. However, they need more Native people to join lung cancer clinical trials in order to truly represent Native people and develop treatments that work well for their genetic makeup. Watch this animation to learn about the importance of Native American representation in clinical trials, disparities affecting Native Americans with lung cancer, questions to ask about trial participation, and the potential benefits and risks of participation. Traditional healers have a strong role to play as well and can work with hospitals and other treatment providers. To learn more about clinical trials and how to participate in one, please talk to your doctor.

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