Patient Video - How was your lung cancer diagnosed and how did you find out about your clinical trial?

Mr. Satterfield describes his early lung cancer symptoms which were excessive coughing and inability to sleep. He went to see the doctor and underwent a chest x-ray. On receiving an x-ray, which revealed a spot on his right lung, his doctor told him he had lung cancer. Mr. Satterfield felt that his faith in God helped him deal with this news. He started chemotherapy in December 2013, but unfortunately experienced side effects of dehydration and was unable to keep food and fluids down for about 2 weeks. He was admitted to hospital until he was able to keep food and fluids down. On returning home he continued to receive radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Mr. Satterfield was later referred to the University of Minnesota to oncologist Dr. Manish Patel, who informed him about participating in a clinical trial.

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