Patient Video - What was your overall experience in the lung cancer clinical trial?

Julie shares that she benefited overall from her clinical trial experience. She was regularly cared for by a very supportive team of nurses and clinical trial organizers, who closely monitored how her body was responding to the medications while tracking for any side effects. Julie describes how there were drawbacks in that she was very nervous during her first infusion of treatment, coupled with a very intense first week of tests, treatments, and periods of monitoring. Another drawback for her was the frequency of scans during follow-up sessions. Despite this, Julie tells the great news that her body had a complete response to the trial medication after participating in the clinical trial for almost a year. Although Julie was eventually recommended to leave the clinical trial due to other complications, her clinical trial experience provided her with a year of very good health, and she experienced a positive response to treatment. The drug that was being tested has since been approved by the FDA. Julie feels she was able to impactfully and positively contribute to the clinical study – the findings and results of which will be able to benefit other lung cancer patients in years to come.

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